Aimtek 2023 Oman

Networking Opportunities

  • Meet and connect with experts from the industry, gain knowledge on the opportunities and challenges of the industry and interact with the global players to understand the ins and outs of the industry.
Aimtek 2023 Oman

Case Study Presentations

  • Increase your awareness about modern Asset management / advanced inspection technologies used in Oil & gas production, petrochemical, power generation, and manufacturing industries through real-time case studies of experts.
Aimtek 2023 Oman

Panel Discussions

  • Listen to industry experts on new technologies and developments, and understand the latest opportunities and challenges.
Aimtek 2023 Oman

Branding and Exhibition Opportunities

  • Showcase your latest equipment and services to your target audience, strike deals, and help professionals in the industry achieve their long-term goals.
Aimtek 2023 Oman

Lead Generation

  • Connect with industry colleagues, meet prospective clients and create new sales opportunities by strengthening your brand awareness at the event.


  • Material Design Integrity: Breakthrough in design -Novel materials for high temperature applications in Oil and gas refineries, Power generation sectors
  • Asset Integrity Management Case studies: Failures that led to unplanned downtime attributable to intergranular stress corrosion cracking or other damage mechanisms
  • Role of NDE in Corrosion Monitoring: Paradigm shift in NDT Ultrasonic Examination: Evolution of non-linear ultrasonic inspection for heterogenous components
  • Significance of Complementary TOFD for enhanced reliability during corrosion monitoring techniques
  • Transforming Asset Integrity Management using Artificial Intelligence: Sensor technologies for real time monitoring and effective decision making
  • Asset integrity management using the latest Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) technology for inspection



Awards are not just to adore someone outstanding, but to tell the world how those contributions have changed it. Therefore, a fabulous award night ceremony will be held along with AIMTEK, to inspire the entire industry to nurture the innovative minds and discover better routes to brighter future. Eminent personalities & top organizations who made exceptional contributions to global Asset Integrity Management will be honored from all spheres of Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore), Petrochemical, Power Generation and Renewable Energy Sectors.